20th October 2014

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20th October 2014

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Esprit-O80 Gr à chaque bout, de quoi humilier cette salope.www.esprit-o.com

80 Gr à chaque bout, de quoi humilier cette salope.

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20th October 2014


Bingo-wings, crow’s feet, fupa, and other areas of the body that drive women crazy

A good and lovely friend of mine taught me what a fupa is. A fupa is an abbreviated term for “fat upper pussy area.” This became a topic of discussion because she is hitting the gym like a madwoman.

She decided she didn’t like how she looked in the mirror as many women also battle the image of themselves in their collective mind-space.

See, as a dude I will never ever have bingo-wings. Bingo-wings are arms that are big and fat…like old fat ladies in a bingo parlor. Ok, I had no fucking clue what that was until my sister Mary and her friend Jamie explained to me the pejorative terminology women use to describe their body parts.

A fupa? Any guy who gets into a vagina should be worshiping said vagina. Who goes around and says “hun, your pussy area is fat.” As a guy who is fat, I understand fat deposits around my genitalia. But I never called it a fupa or a gunt….another term used.

I am not trying to sound preachy or try to right the injustices of how body image ruins true beauty. I am just saying this shit is so bizarre and it always blows my mind when I hear a new term.

Fat, short, skinny, tall, hairy, pale, ethnic or whatever you are….I love you for you.

Perhaps that is the lame hippy response to what I just heard, but it’s the truth and you gotta walk in the truth.

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7th October 2014


Marriage equality was so 2012

Ok, ok, ok, so now it seems like 30 states have some form of marriage equality because we can’t get it done on a national level. I have gay friends that I love so I am not going to piss upon their parade. However, I have a question?

Why bother being married if you don’t have a good paying job?

Opps, did I talk about the economy again.

Look, I am absolutely for letting people marry whom they want to marry. Hell, they can marry multiple people if they want to- one person apparently isn’t annoying enough. My point being is our college debt isn’t going to pay itself off and disappear. Want a house? Want a car? Want to not take a payday loan? Want to be paid on payday with a real check instead of those debit cards they hand to you?

How about a pension? How about a union? How about you work the job you WANT versus the job you NEED?

Education, war, health care, peace, poverty, small appliances, getting laid, reading books, playing Playstation, eating a fine meal- these should be our priorities.

What will you fight for next after we have marriage equality?

I am fighting for big tits on women with low self-esteems. I kid.

I want to fight for a better future for us and our children, no matter who that child is or wants to be. Fight for us all.

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2nd October 2014


I am horny and I want to argue

Aiyee, aiyee, aiyee. What is in the water? Did someone slip Viagra into my drinking supply? My will to want to bone is probably fueled by the time of year. I love the Fall and well….I also like to…you know. Anyways, I am going to have to take more cold showers and just fucking deal with it.

Meanwhile, my reputation as a sober political arguer grows. My political debates never get nasty. Name calling is just a way of saying “I have no idea what I am talking about.” I don’t troll, I don’t name-call, I just simply state my case and surprise people with my honesty as a Leftist.

Sex and politics go together like macaroni and cheese. I don’t know why, but they do. So let’s talk about school prayer and then fuck. Ladies only!

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1st October 2014


I keep forgetting I have a Tumblr.

I keep forgetting I have this page that I can use as a personal diary of sorts.

It’s raining like hell today and I feel bad for my friends in California during their drought. It’s about 60 degrees and I am loving the cool autumn weather.

As the kids say Autumn is my jam.

Anyways, I plan on finishing my columns for the mighty iPInion. Then I wish to play video games and wait for South Park and Key and Peele to come on.

I could complain about my station in life but I am actually quite lucky in many regards. Things could be worse. A lot of my friend feel discontent in their lives as I do. An entire generation thrown into the trash. I could speak endlessly about this but I don’t wish to bore myself.

Anyways, worst thing about October is how incredibly horny I get. I fucking love the weather and Autumn, for me, is always a time of romance. In fact, today is hump day and I have my pillow ready.

There is going to be a dick hole in my pillow at the end of the day if an alternative doesn’t show up soon……

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6th September 2014

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Is this microphone on?

I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while. I really forgot how much I enjoyed bouncing around here. I really need to put my funny, nasty, and angry posts here. I have to impress the ladies. I have to impress our lord Black Jesus Christ. Tell you what, I will have an easier time impressing Black Jesus instead of the ladies. Anyways, I am back and I am going to make it stick. Not sticky. Not talking about jizz. Calm down.

20th September 2013

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8th July 2013

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Inna Smolina by Dmitry Rybak


Inna Smolina by Dmitry Rybak

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8th July 2013

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Why is this so amusing?

This is the funniest thing ever omg

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