29th February 2012


Religious Discrimination.

You sign up for this and you should expect this from a religion that has declared war on you.  So sad.


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6th January 2012

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Feminism: Man’s New Best Friend

I want to talk about how feminism benefits men specifically.  We all know that feminism is a movement to accept women in non-traditional roles in society.  We also know that women want equal treatment in the workforce, home, religion, politics, and other various areas.   They also want their sexualities to be defined by themselves, instead of men or social pressures.   I think finally, a sentiment that I have been told simply stated is that, “we really don’t need men.”

I actually find this as good news!

There are probably a lot of men shaking their heads.  They probably mutter words like “feminazis” or “wanna be bulldykes” under their breath.  No doubt there are a few militant broads out there.  However, this really is a time of opportunity for men.

Think about it, the women are outside the house: doesn’t this give you five minutes to think alone or with a friend?  In this respect, men really have a chance to actually reinvent what they philosophically and socially fit into.   The political scientist and Straussian philosopher Harvey C Mansfield wrote a book called Manliness.  “Manliness”, by his definition is “confidence in a situation of risk.”  Now, realize that Professor Mansfield might be a total moron but, at least he is trying.  I think men perform themselves a disservice by trying to isolate “manliness” as just confidence.  Is he trying to say that women have never been confident?    

I don’t think it’s confidence that separates men from women, I think it’s a little more sinister than that.  There is something out there that isolates men from women and vice versa; this goes for homosexuals and the transgenderd folk as well.  What really feminism is about, glaringly, is social gender roles.  I think this is the part that everyone is having a hard time digesting.  From female firemen to male fashion designers, from a stay at home dad to a career oriented woman who simply doesn’t want to have children, these social signals are really what this is all about.  Could we have a female president?   What a silly question.  Here is a good question: could we hold our noses to another one?

I think gender roles are critical to feminist theory, queer theory, and gender theory obviously.  There is a recalibration as to what is socially acceptable, and quite honestly, it does scare certain conservative pockets of America and in fact the globe.  When I speak of conservatism, I really speak of Neo-Conservatism…they not only wish to keep their traditions alive, they have no qualms about forcing assimilation of other cultures to our own: look at the “War of Radical Islam.”  That is an ideological struggle to make someone like us.  So now in a world that naturally demands Progressivism ie change, there is a violent reaction to it in the form of the Tea Party, Libertarianism, and Neo-Conservatism.

Perhaps time marches on to a faster beat currently in the epoch of the Internet, social media, and 24 hour news channels.  Maybe the conservatives are just scared of the pace of change, however, change is inevitable.  Every generation, whether people like it or not, seem to spring forward even if it is a minority movement.  Within this movement currently, speaking of feminism, I see this as a real chance for men to look inward and to redefine themselves.   We do not need to be knights in shining armor anymore.  No longer do we have to fiddle with a car to find the reason why there is a noise when the car is put into reverse.  No longer do we even need to be the sole providers of the household.  Those days are gone.  Men now have to work harder and be more open to the fact that the world simply doesn’t revolve around us.  However, the world definitely still wants, loves, and enjoys having us around.

I believe this is the true aim of feminism.  It’s not the dictum of “we don’t need men.”  Quite the contrary, I think a woman of any variety would say “we don’t need men, but we certainly do want men.”  To me, that is more exciting to have a woman that want me in their life versus the mindless drone who is always at my side who treats my existence more like a fetish than a reality.  Men now can really enjoy the empowered woman and be confident that they are still guaranteed a vital role in society.

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